9 Different Types of Womens Panties

9 Different Types Womens Underwear: Best Underwear Styles for 2024

Thongs, boxers, t-strings, and more, what type of panties are you currently wearing? In this article, we have listed 9 common types of panties for women. Including the materials commonly used in panties. 

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9 Different Types Womens Underwear

Classic Panties

The Classic Brief offers full coverage and is available at different heights, such as high and mid-rise, making it suitable for different outfits. Best for everyday wear and with high-waisted jeans or skirts.


Thongs are characterized by a thin strip of fabric at the back and more coverage at the front. It mainly prevents the appearance of a visible panty line. Best worn with tight clothes and special occasions.



Hipster pants sit on the hips and provide moderate coverage. No visible panty line will appear under low-rise pants. Suitable for low-rise pants and casual wear.



Inspired by men's boxer briefs, boy shorts are cut low on the leg to provide full coverage. They are very comfortable and can be used as loungewear or pajamas.


Bikini underwear has a moderate amount of bulge and coverage and fits perfectly. Bikini underwear is both comfortable and sexy. Suitable for daily wear and special occasions.

High Split Underwear

High-cut undergarments are characterized by a high leg cut that elongates the leg line and provides a perfect fit. They accentuate the hips while providing full back coverage. Best for high-waisted outfits and when elongating the leg line.

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is invisible in clothing as there are no seams or edges. Seamless underwear is made of stretchy and smooth fabrics that fit perfectly to the body. It is best suited for tight-fitting garments and formal wear.


shaping briefs provides support and shaping, creating a smooth silhouette within the garment. Shapewear comes in a variety of styles, from high-waisted briefs to thongs, to provide targeted compression.

Control Brief


G-strings are thongs with less coverage. The back of a thong is a narrow strip of fabric that is barely noticeable when worn under clothing. It is best suited for tight clothing and special occasions.

Tanga Brief

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Types of Panty Material


Cotton panties are breathable and moisture-wicking. It is perfect for daily wear. Cotton briefs are soft and comfortable, reducing skin friction and irritation, and making them ideal for sensitive skin.


Nylon briefs are durable and lightweight and dry quickly. It is perfect for sports or situations where you need to dry quickly. The nylon material is stretchy and conforms closely to the body, providing flexible movement and support.


Silk panties are soft and smooth, feel luxurious, and are breathable.

Silk panties


Modal briefs are soft, with good elasticity and breathability. It is suitable for extended wear and provides all-day comfort. Modal material is derived from natural fibers and is highly moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable.


Bamboo fiber panties are naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking. It is eco-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin, providing a fresh feeling. Bamboo fiber material is soft and has excellent breathability, making it ideal for hot weather.


Lace panties are delicate in appearance, sexy and elegant. The lace material is light and breathable, but may not be suitable for long-time daily wear, more for decoration and embellishment.

Lace panties


Polyester panties are lightweight and durable, with a wide selection of patterns and colors. It is suitable for everyday wear and for use during exercise. The polyester material is easy to wash and quick drying with good elasticity and durability.

Panty for Women FAQs

What Kind of Panties Do Most Girls Wear?

The most popular types of women's underwear are bikinis, hipsters, and briefs. These styles offer a balance of comfort, coverage, and style, making them favorites for everyday wear.

Which Type of Panties Are Most Comfortable?

Comfortable underwear should be breathable and moisture-wicking to prevent sweat and bacteria from getting trapped, which can cause infections. Due to its breathability and softness, cotton is one of the most popular fabric choices for underwear.

What Are Girl Boxers Called?

Girl boxers are called boyshorts. These have a rectangular shape that provides the most leg coverage among all types of underwear. Boyshorts are ideal for wearing with loungewear and loose skirts, offering extra coverage that makes them look like a cross between underwear and shorts.

How to Select Panties for Ladies?

No matter what type of underwear. The right size is the key factor.

First, measure your waist and hip circumference every time you buy women's underwear. Different brands use different sizing charts, and sizes can vary from brand to brand and style to style. Measuring panty sizes can be viewed in this guide.


You can try any type of panties as long as you are comfortable with them. If you want to buy new panties. Welcome to choose Plusock, we provide all sizes of panties for women, and plus size panties are easy to choose.

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