Can You Sleep in Compression Socks

Can You Sleep in Compression Socks?

Yes, wearing compression socks overnight is possible, but it should be considered carefully. Wearing compression stockings for a short period is not harmful, but wearing them continuously may irritate your skin, so it is recommended that you take them off at night and apply lotion to allow your skin to breathe.

This is discussed in the guide below: 

  • Benefits of sleeping in compression socks
  • Precautions to take when wearing compression socks
  • Impact of compression socks at night
Compression Socks

Benefits of Sleeping in Compression Socks

There are no benefits for healthy people to sleep in compression socks. We do not recommend wearing compression stockings for long periods if it is not necessary. Compression stockings have different levels of compression, which can cause marks and discomfort if worn for a long period.

In special cases, compression stockings are effective in improving blood circulation and reducing symptoms such as sleep apnea. It improves the quality of sleep and solves health problems.

Such as:

  • Hospital nurses, taking naps during shifts
  • Travelers sleeping upright on planes
  • Recovering from leg or spinal surgery
  • Conditions affecting blood circulation
  • Pregnant women, and individuals with chronic conditions.

However, careful consideration should be made before deciding to incorporate compression stockings into a sleep program, and the importance of consulting a healthcare professional is emphasized, especially for those with underlying chronic conditions such as poor circulation or leg ulcers.

The benefits of compression stockings are not limited to promoting blood circulation but also include the following:

  • Reducing swelling and discomfort: By applying even pressure to the lower extremities, compression stockings help reduce swelling caused by blood pooling in the veins and relieve leg pain caused by prolonged standing or sitting.
  • Supports athletic performance: Wearing compression socks during exercise provides better muscle support, reduces muscle vibration during exercise, and reduces energy loss, thus improving exercise efficiency.
  • Accelerates recovery from exercise: Using compression socks after exercise promotes the rapid removal of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes, reduces muscle soreness, and helps athletes recover quickly to their best condition.
  • Preventing venous thrombosis: For travelers who are immobile for long periods or patients in rehabilitation, wearing compression stockings can reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that may form due to slow blood flow.
  • Manage upright low blood pressure: Compression stockings can help improve the efficiency of blood returning to the heart, which can be helpful for patients with upright low blood pressure to reduce dizziness or fainting while standing.
  • Improving sleep quality: For people with leg discomfort that interferes with sleep, wearing the right compression stockings can reduce nighttime leg discomfort and help improve sleep quality.

    Dr Ellen Derrick's research confirms that compression stockings not only provide muscle support and increase oxygenated blood flow during exercise but also provide essential leg support during non-exercise conditions, such as sleep, reducing discomfort and preventing potential health risks.

    Sleeping in Compression Socks

    Precautions for Sleeping in Compression Socks

    While wearing compression socks to bed can offer certain benefits, it's important to consider several precautions to ensure skin health, seek medical guidance, and prioritize individual comfort.

    Skin Health and Comfort

    Removing your compression stockings at night to allow your skin to breathe will keep your skin healthy and prevent any discomfort or irritation that may be caused by wearing compression stockings for long periods during sleep. This is particularly important for people with conditions such as venous insufficiency, where proper hygiene and regular sock changes are recommended.

    Medical Guidance and Allergic Reactions

    Consulting a healthcare professional before wearing compression socks while sleeping is essential. It helps understand any potential allergic reactions or skin irritations due to prolonged exposure to compression material. Additionally, seeking medical advice ensures that the level of compression is suitable for individual needs and health conditions.

    Sleeping Position and Individual Comfort

    Personal preference and comfort play an important role in determining whether wearing compression stockings while sleeping is beneficial. While some experts suggest that from a physiological standpoint, there may be no significant benefit to sleeping in compression stockings, it is important to consider personal comfort and preference.

    Robert Kim, M.D., F.A.P., YS, a vascular surgeon at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, stresses that while there may be no physiological benefit to sleeping in compression stockings due to the lack of gravitational influence on blood flow when lying down, there is not necessarily a detriment to wearing compression stockings if it provides personal comfort. necessarily be detrimental. However, Dr. King emphasized that the real benefit of compression stockings lies in the way they are used, rather than the length of time they are worn throughout the day.

    Impact of Compression Socks at Night

    Sleeping in compression socks can bring about discomfort or negative effects for some people, especially when specific advice from a medical professional is not followed. Here are some of the possible negative effects, as well as the reasons behind them and precautions to take:

    Circulation Problems

    Wearing compression socks with specific compression levels for extended periods may be detrimental to people with serious circulation problems. Wearing improper compression levels may also lead to similar problems. For example, if a person suffers from undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis (DVT), excessively tight compression socks may exacerbate circulation problems because they may restrict already obstructed blood flow.

    Skin Problems

    Prolonged exposure to compression socks may lead to dryness, irritation, and even infection, especially if the socks are too tight or the material is not suitable for an individual's skin. Individuals with eczema or sensitive skin may experience more drastic reactions.

    Discomfort and Sleep Disruption

     some people may find that wearing compression socks at night makes them uncomfortable, which can be due to the compression sensation or the heat caused by the socks, which in turn disrupts sleep. Choosing breathable socks and adjusting the temperature of the room can help reduce this discomfort.

    Compression Socks at Night

    Maximizing the Benefits and Minimizing the Risks

    When it comes to wearing compression socks to bed, there are ways to maximize their benefits while minimizing associated risks. Studies have indicated that wearing compression socks can lower muscle fatigue, making them beneficial for post-exercise recovery. However, it's essential to consider precautions to minimize potential risks, especially for specific groups such as pregnant women who may experience swelling in the foot, ankle, and lower leg around week 27 of pregnancy.

    Finding a balance between maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks of wearing compression socks during sleep is crucial. Tips for maximizing benefits include choosing the right level of compression and ensuring proper hygiene by regularly washing and changing the socks. Precautions to minimize risks involve seeking medical advice before incorporating compression socks into one's nightly routine, particularly for individuals with underlying health conditions.


    Ultimately, wearing compression stockings at bedtime depends on your physical condition. If you are in good health, there is no need to wear compression stockings to increase the negative effects.

    If you do need to wear compression stockings, we recommend that you purchase comfortable, breathable, plus size compression stockings.

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